Free Pilgrim 2 (English Edition) por Pilgrim

Free Pilgrim 2 (English Edition) por Pilgrim
Titulo del libro : Free Pilgrim 2 (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 26, 2018
Autor : Pilgrim
Número de páginas : 183
Editor : FriesenPress

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Pilgrim con Free Pilgrim 2 (English Edition)

In his first book, Free Pilgrim, published in 2016, author Nicholas Fung took his readers on a spiritual, mystical, and physical journey around the world, visiting countless amazing and inspiring sites both modern and ancient. In Free Pilgrim 2—the first in a series of sequels—he picks up where he left off. Whether he is visiting the island of Cyprus, with its rich history dating back ten-thousand years before the dawn of Christianity, or journeying from Moscow to Beijing by train, his photographs and insightful writing clearly illustrate both the divine and mundane nature of humanity. We are all one people, and even when separated by continents and millennia, that humanity shines through in our great works and common appreciation for beauty, reason, and the world around us.

With seven new adventures to share, Free Pilgrim 2 will reawaken your drive to discover new places, learn about new cultures, and maybe even gain a better understanding of who we are as a human collective. While there is nothing more transformative than taking a physical pilgrimage to these incredible places, these books are about as close as one can get without booking your tickets and setting out on your own. But if you’re lucky, they will also inspire you to do just that.