BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy (English Edition) por Jerry Amernic

BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy (English Edition) por Jerry Amernic
Titulo del libro : BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 9, 2018
Autor : Jerry Amernic
Número de páginas : 242
Editor : Wordcraft Communications

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Jerry Amernic con BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy (English Edition)

'Babe Ruth - A Superstar's Legacy' by Jerry Amernic explores the legacy of Babe Ruth on many different fronts, both in and beyond baseball. It involves sport, culture, business, the arts, and in no small dose, humanity. This is unlike any book ever written about the remarkable icon who captured America and the world, and is a testament to his enduring appeal. Babe Ruth's grandson Tom Stevens wrote the Foreword and the Ruth family has contributed photographs. The author's acclaimed baseball novel 'Gift of the Bambino,' which is about a young boy and his grandfather and how the two are bound by baseball and the spirit of Babe Ruth, first got Amernic into the Ruth orbit. And he has never left.

"Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent. A grand slamthrough and through. A really fresh, meaningful and Ruthian addition tothe history of Ruth." - Baseball historian Tim Reid

"Wow what awonderful book! Exciting and informative. BABE RUTH - A Superstar'sLegacy has things I heard about the Babe from people who knew him welland lots more. A beautiful piece of writing!" - Ray Negron, Best-selling author, New York Yankees executive, and ESPN radio host

"Thereare many books about the legendary Babe Ruth, but Jerry Amernic takesthe reader on a new path dedicated to the sheer impact of this manbehind the classic rags-to-riches tale. BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy goes beyond statistics and his storied career. It shows what aninfluential force he was, and still is, on our culture and the world.Amernic explains how a larger-than-life figure became the standard ofdominance all others are measured against." - Joe Orlando, CEO,Collectors Universe

"This is the first book to explore how theBabe Ruth League got off the ground and got to where it is today withover one million players playing under the name Babe Ruth. Jerry Amernic has written an intriguing book about the most recognized figure inbaseball and a true American icon." - Steve Tellefsen, President/CEO,Babe Ruth League, Inc.

"Jerry Amernic brilliantly tells the story of Babe Ruth as he is remembered today in so many ways - fromcontemporary youth baseball and merchandise branding to collectors'items and innumerable geographic locales. The book's subtitle is 'ASuperstar's Legacy' but it's really about Babe Ruth The Superstar whosepre-eminence enthralls us to this day." - Baseball historian WilliamHumber

"BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy sheds new light on Ruthas a man who was ahead of his time and not only on the baseball field,but also where he stood on racial segregation. There are many booksabout Babe Ruth, but this is the first one that really gets into therace issue. It's a masterpiece on the Babe!" - Bill Jenkinson, author of The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs and BABE RUTH: Against All Odds,World's Mightiest Slugger

"BABE RUTH - A Superstar's Legacy gives readers an in-depth look at the person who defined baseball and stillstands as the greatest player of all-time. Jerry Amernic chronicles thelife of Ruth and the legacy he had on the sport, on America, and aroundthe globe. This book has stories, insights, historical photographs,statistics and recollections of Ruth. A must read! You won't want to put it down." - Bradford H. Turnow, New York Yankees baseball historian