Skateboarding 3d por Sebastian Denz

Skateboarding 3d por Sebastian Denz
Titulo del libro : Skateboarding 3d
Autor : Sebastian Denz

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Sebastian Denz con Skateboarding 3d

Críticas 'Denz's images, documenting the Carhartt team of professional skaters, hook into the dynamism of skateboarding by seeming to spill out of the page, kickflipping his action shots into a different space' --Metro London, December 2009'...Sebastian Denz's collection of pictures is actually a rare example of an intelligent application of 3D'. --HUH Magazine, April 2010 Reseña del editor Put on the 3D glasses and immerse yourself in a hyper-real world of vibrating colour, extreme tricks, and professional skateboarders. Featuring the Carhartt skate team and inspired by virtual spaces, this oversized volume brings the culture of skateboarding to life, while exploring the thrilling possibilities of 3D photography. Photographer Sebastian Denz built his own large-format camera to take these 3D pictures in a neverbefore- seen quality, and received the International BFF, Germany's freelance photographers' award for the project. Two pairs of special glasses and a slipcase are part of this awesome book, which is a companion volume to a traveling exhibition of Denz's work. Ver Descripción del producto