UNCHARTED (Insights Poster Collections) por NAUGHTY DOG

UNCHARTED (Insights Poster Collections) por NAUGHTY DOG
Titulo del libro : UNCHARTED (Insights Poster Collections)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 15, 2016
Número de páginas : 40
ISBN : 1608874001
Editor : Pocket Books

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NAUGHTY DOG con UNCHARTED (Insights Poster Collections)

Featuring a striking selection of 40 removable posters, this collection contains full-color art of the characters, environments, and key scenes from the best-selling "Uncharted" franchise. With incredible images of fortune hunter Nathan Drake as he navigates territories around the world, embarks on high-stakes expeditions, and faces relentless enemies, this poster book takes fans back to the immersive world of "Uncharted."

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