Beaches por Gray Malin

Beaches por Gray Malin
Titulo del libro : Beaches
Autor : Gray Malin
ISBN : 1419720899

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Gray Malin con Beaches

Gray Malin is the artist of the moment for the Hollywood and fashion elite. His awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches around the world are shot from doorless helicopters, creating playful and stunning celebrations of light, shape, and perspective, as well as summer bliss. Combining the spirit of travel, adventure, luxury and artistry, Malin built his eponymous lifestyle brand from a deep passion for photography and interior design. His work forges the synergy between wanderlust and adventure, creating the ultimate visual escape.

'Inspire summer daydreams at any time of the year with this oversized book.'

Gray Malin is a photographer best known for his aerial beach photography, which he has transformed into a light-hearted, conversation-igniting, joyful brand. His works sense of adventure and escapism has turned him into a household name. Malin is based in Los Angeles.